ELWY Boat Club

The East Lancashire West Yorkshire Boat Club

The East Lancashire and West Yorkshire Boat Club, ELWY, is a small boating club based on the summit level of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, near Salterforth.

There is general agreement that the Club has one of the prettiest moorings on the inland waterways system.

The ELWY Boat Club was originally founded in 1965. In 2015 the Club celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding.

The Constitution of the club, Paragraph 2, outlines the purpose of the club;

- to service the needs of the boater members, and to manage the moorings and facilities on behalf of those members

The ethos of the club is that it should be a club, not simply a mooring - there are requirements that members take part in work parties, to keep the moorings in good repair and tidy, and take part in regular social events.

We value this ethos - club members are ready to help each other in a crisis, and share boating experience and technical knowledge.

Many members of the ELWY Boat Club are actively involved in waterways organisations and projects.

For example, we are involved in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society...


and in its flagship project, the rescue of the Leeds & Liverpool historic work boat, 'Kennet', as a heritage and educational resource on the Canal. This has been very successful. 'Kennet' figured largely in celebrations of the anniversary of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in 2016, when, with the support of the Canal & River Trust - and boaters along the length of the canal - 'Kennet' made a much publicised voyage from Leeds to Liverpool.

We are active in the Inland Waterways Association (IWA), the Canal & River Trust (CRT) and in the Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs (AWCC).

About Our Club

The East Lancashire West Yorkshire Boat Club is a small boat club with beautiful moorings on the summit pound of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near to Salterforth in East Lancashire.

The club was started over 50 years ago and the members continue the tradition of supporting each other practically and socially to enjoy boating.