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To get all scripts, download to your computer and unzip the scripts into the scripts folder of GIMP.
For Debian/SID users it's even easier.

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Lomo Script
Sprocket Hole Script
Technicolor 2 Color Script
Technicolor 3 Color Script
Antique Photo Border Script
First Photo Border Script
National Geographic Script
Split Tone Script
with Edge Detection

Film Grain Script
Obama "Hope" Script
Che Guevara Script

Vintage Look Script

White Balance Puzzle Script

GIMP Octave Plugin

Photochrom Script

Movie 300 Script

Rainy Landscape Script
(better example in the description)

Cyanotype Script

Sunny Landscape Script

This script doesn't work on the cat ;)
Color Tint Script

Glass Displacement Script

YUV Temperature Plugin

Erosion Sharpen Script
(Click to see the effect on the original)
(Click to see the effect on the original)

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