Engine - RESCUE 6

Engine-Rescue 6 is a 1996 Pierce Saber. This piece of apparatus has a 1500 gallon tank, 1250 gpm pump, and is a 8 man cab. This piece of apparatus currently carries extrication devices, and is equipped as an engine.


Engine-Tanker 6 is the newest piece of apparatus currently at our station. This piece of apparatus takes place of the our old tanker which was a 1977 Kenworth Tanker which held 4500 gallons of water.

Engine-Tanker 6 is a 2004 Pierce Arrow XT, with a 3000 gallon tank, waterous CSY 1250 gpm pump, Detroit Series 60 @ 515 hp. and a 8 man cab.


Brush 6-1 is a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Custom Built Brush unit. This unit has a 250 gallon tank, with 400 feet of garden hose and 100 feet of booster hose along with chainsaws, leaf blowers, and rakes for wildland fires.


Brush 6-2 is a 1977 Dodge Pumper that is used on brush fires and other various different calls. This truck also carries extrication tools.

utv 6