About Us

2019 NEWS: After 17 years of farming our land, Pisa Terrace, we have sold our vineyard. It is in the good hands and care of Mount Edward, who will continue organic farming of this exceptional site. Thank you for joining us on our journey and enjoying Ellero wine.

John Montero and Roberta Manell Montero have worked in the wine industry across both hemispheres their entire careers. Ellero reflects their shared passion and determination to make the best possible wines from this magnificent region.

John Montero is the winegrower and co-owner of Pisa Terrace Vineyard, and winemaker for Ellero. email: john@ellerowine.com

Roberta Manell Montero is co-owner of Pisa Terrace Vineyard, assists John in the vineyard, and manages sales for Ellero. email: roberta@ellerowine.com

Gary Ford and the team from Vinewise Viticulture assist us with the day-to-day running of the vineyard.

The dedication of dozens of people, especially from Central Otago but from all over the world, is responsible for the quality of our grapes and Ellero wines.