Elissa Cutter

Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies and Theology, Georgian Court University

PhD, Historical Theology (Modern Christianity), Saint Louis University, 2016

I am a Catholic historical theologian whose primary research explores how rediscovering women's voices from history explicitly as theological voices can help us understand women's roles in the Church today. Methodologically, I am interested in understanding how historical context and theological development give a necessary foundation for theological questions and challenges raised today.

In my teaching, I help students connect the theological concepts we study to their own experiences in a manner inspired by feminist and Jesuit pedagogical traditions. I am a proponent of service-learning pedagogy as a particular way to help students connect course material to their own experience, see practical applications for their learning, and become aware of social issues. I am also a Certified Blackboard Specialist in Digital Teaching and Learning.

I currently serve as co-editor for the blog WIT: Women in Theology.