Working papers

  1. A carbon footprint proportional to expenditure - a case for Norway? (with Patrick Narbel), Ecological Economics, 2017
  2. Diffusion of Climate Technologies in the Presence of Commitment Problems (with Taran Fæhn), The Energy Journal, 2016


Reports written in Norwegian

Popular writing
  1. Misvisende om Regjeringens ambisjonsnivå i klimapolitikken, Aftenposten 26.06.2017 (with Ingrid Hjort)
  2. En utfordrende vei mot klimamålene, Samfunnsøkonomen 3/2017 (with Ingrid Hjort)
  3. Forskermøtet 2017, Samfunnsøkonomen 1/2017 (with Ingrid Hjort)