Eleonora Granziera

Research Economist, Norges Bank

Network Coordinator, EACBN

Email: eleonora.granziera@gmail.com


Phone: (+47)-9-3003451

Latest News:

  • I will present my new paper "Nowcasting Norwegian Household Consumption with Debit Card Transaction Data" joint with K.A. Aastveit, T. Fastbø, K. Paulsen and K. Torstensen at the IIF Workshop Economic Forecasting in Times of Covid-19 on July 6th
  • My new working paper joint with Markus Sihvonen (Bank of Finland) titled "Bond, Currencies and Expectational Errors" is available here
  • The Norges Bank is hosting the 2020 Central Bank Macro Modelling Workshop on October 6-7th in Oslo
  • The Banque de France will host the EACBN - Universitat Pompeu Fabra conference: "Empirical Advances in Monetary Policy" on October 26-27 in Paris