Did you know that during the Sundays following the Day of Pentecost; : Green is used, to indicate our growth in faith as we follow the
teachings and ministry of Christ.  Some assemblies use differing shades of green throughout the Sundays after Pentecost, a lighter green in summer and a darker green in the fall.

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Those serving in the month of August:
One Pastor...many ministers.  We all are called to serve in many different ways.  If you are willing to serve as one or more of these, please contact any member of the Music & Worship Committee.

Ushers:  Jennifer Davison & Bernie Allen

Communion Set-up/Clean-up:
Monica Bradel

Yvonne Dobrzanski

Scripture Reader/Communion Assistant
Aug 5        Wally Schuring         
Aug 12      Monica Bradel       
Aug 19      Elena & Victor Jodon     
Aug 26      Yvonne Dobrzanski     

Bulletin Dedications
Aug 5        Jennifer Budisky         
Aug 12      James & Kathy Maxwell      
Aug 19      Open     
Aug 26      Ron & Karen Schnelle
Flower Dedications
Aug 5        Dave Dindinger         
Aug 12      Brian & Susan Dinger     
Aug 19      James & Kathy Maxwell     
Aug 26      Jay & Monica Bradel    

The 2018 Flower Dedication sign up is available on the bulletin board in the lobby or you can call the secretary to request a date.