Did you know that during Lent, Purple Paraments are used:  Purple is typically associated with Lent, suggesting repentance and solemnity.

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Those serving in the month of February:
One Pastor...many ministers.  We all are called to serve in many different ways.  If you are willing to serve as one or more of these, please contact Peg Schweinsberg.

Harvey & Peggy Kohler

Communion Set-up/Clean-up:
Peg Schweinsberg & Beth Allmann

Scripture Reader/Communion Assistant
Feb. 4       Jen Davison   
Feb. 11      The Boy Scouts / Peg Schweinsberg   
Feb. 18      Monica Bradel
Feb. 24     Yvonne Dobrzanski

Bulletin Dedications
Feb. 4       Sue Austin 
Feb. 11      Open  
Feb. 18      Open
Feb. 24     Jack & Nancy Grupp

Flower Dedications
The 2018 Flower Dedication sign up is available on the bulletin board in the lobby or you can call the secretary to request a date.

Feb. 4       Open   
Feb. 11      Matt Kaufman   
Feb. 18      Open
Feb. 24     Open