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Dr. Elaine Wilmore

Educational and Christian speaker, consultant, author

Dr. Elaine Wilmore is a former public school teacher, counselor, and elementary school principal. She then moved to higher education. In addition to her significant work in educational leadership, assessment, and program development, she is an active church member, enjoys reading, writing, walking, traveling, music, and spending time with those she loves.


The mission of Elaine L. Wilmore Leadership Initiatives is to facilitate people and organizations in fulfilling their goals and dreams to be all they can be for the ultimate glory of God.

Action Plan:

The mission of Elaine L. Wilmore Leadership Initiatives is accomplished by consulting, seminars, and speaking engagements which benefit people and organizations in achieving their goals and dreams.

What can Elaine L. Wilmore Leadership Initiatives do for me, my school, district, business, church, or other organization?

By working with Elaine L. Wilmore Leadership Initiatives, your organization and personal life will be enriched to achieve your dreams and goals as well as to increase your productivity. We will help you identify exactly what those goals and dreams are as well as helping you develop an action plan to achieve them. We will also assist in an individual or 360 degree Productivity Audit to identify strengths and weaknesses which will yield increased efficiency and output.

Elaine L. Wilmore Leadership Initiatives will work with your organization in identifying problems and how to solve them in a workable, manageable way. Utilization of the Productivity Audit is included. Members of the Leadership Team provide speaking and consulting in long and short term designs. We individualize to meet your needs.


Dr. Elaine Wilmore

CEO, Speaker, Author

Greg Wilmore

CFO and Booking Agent

Betsy Ruffin

CIO - Technology Help Desk

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Getting Personal

Personal notes and items of interest from Dr. Wilmore

Our grandson, Lucas Rollen, was born with a very, very rare disorder called Joubert Syndrome. It is a brain issue that affects his whole body. There is no cure, but he responds well to therapy.

To those of you who ask me if there is a way to show appreciation for the help they have received from Elaine L. Wilmore Leadership Initiatives, here is a way to do it. Make a donation to the tax exempt Joubert Syndrome Foundation at www.jsrdf.org in honor of LUCAS ROLLEN. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

We would sincerely appreciate it, and God will surely bless you for it.