Based on my training, research interests, and teaching experience, I am prepared to teach a range of courses across three broad categories of applied political science and research methodology. First, my training in comparative politics and comparative political economy enables me to teach several Comparative Politics courses, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. I would be delighted to teach introductory-level courses in CP and CPE. I can also teach advanced subjects in each of following subdisciplines:“Democratization,” “The Politics of Development,” “Comparative Political Economy,”  “Authoritarianism,” and “Comparative Study of Social Policy.”   

I am also qualified to teach a variety of methods courses. For example, I would happily teach a class on research design. Such a course would emphasize the concepts and practices of social inquiry, scientific procedure, and hypothesis testing, while also introducing students to the techniques of quantitative and qualitative analysis. I can also teach probability, regression, and Maximum Likelihood and Multi-level Modeling. And I would welcome opportunities to provide students with hands-on experience in applied research methods, either by supervising their projects or by involving them in my own research.