Stream Ecology (Instructor, BIOL 5074): 2018. Virginia Tech, VA. Even-year spring semesters.

The Science and Policy of Invasions (Co-Instructor, GRAD 6984): Fall 2017. Virginia Tech, VA.

Ecology (Instructor, BIOL 2804): 2017-Present. Virginia Tech, VA. Spring semesters.

Short Course: Methods and models for estimating aquatic ecosystem metabolism (Instructor): 2015. Umeå University. Umeå, Sweden. 

General Ecology (Graduate Teaching Assistant, LIFE 3400): 2013. Life Sciences Program, University of Wyoming. Laramie, WY. In charge of teaching and assessment for two course units: Ecosystem Ecology; Nutrient Cycling.

Limnology Laboratory (Co-Instructor, ZOO 4430): 2012. Department of Zoology & Physiology, University of Wyoming. Laramie, WY.

Wyoming Science Teacher Education Program (Graduate Assistant, WySTEP): 2007-2010. NSF Wyoming EPSCoR, University of Wyoming. Laramie, WY.

General Biology (Graduate Teaching Assistant, LIFE 1010): 2005-2011. Life Sciences Program, University of Wyoming. Laramie, WY.

Animal Biology (Graduate Teaching Assistant, LIFE 2022): 2006-2008. Life Sciences Program, University of Wyoming. Laramie, WY.

Annual Women in Science Workshop: "What's in the water?" (Co-Instructor): 2007-2013.  Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium and University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY.

Environmental Science (Instructor, grades 5-6): 2005. High Trails Outdoor Science School. San Bernardino National Forest, CA.

Conservation Biology and Biodiversity (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, ENVS/BIO 345): 2003. Department of Environmental Studies, Emory University. Atlanta, GA.

Environmental Science (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, BIO 111): 2002. Biology Department, Oxford College of Emory University. Atlanta, GA.