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This painting was created using a technique called "wet on wet", which basically means applying water paint to wet paper. In this case paper was used that is specifically suited for watercolor painting, but obviously that isn't a requirement. You won't get arrested for knowingly using another type of paper!

Now here I could show gigabytes worth of material. This particular picture on the right was taken in Amsterdam in the tunnel
that runs under the Rijksmuseum. I would say that in the majority of my photographic explorations light, or rather the "quality of light" (Tibetans probably have an excellent term to describe this), plays the most important role.
The picture below was taken in an alley next to a movie theater in The Hague (The Netherlands). Besides the light, I was very much intrigued by the "movement" in this place. .

In the case of the picture at the left, "construction" basically means "combining ways of expression". Creating the
"formscape" of the folded paper could be perceived as "sculpting", having a light source add tones of color to it is another form of expression. Converting these colors into a greyscale by freezing all of this onto a B/W photographic film is yet another way of expression, or rather "impression". Choosing the right amount of exposure for the right amount of granularity is again another step in the whole process.

Another example (see bottom image) is the interplay of light and a stone structure, a stack of stones in this case. The sculpture itself is a form of "transient art" since it's unlikely to survive the destructive forces of nature or tourism, but by freezing it digitally as part of its environment, it has been given a new life. This work was titled "KonstruKtion" (III 2004 - Asilomar Beach - Monterey Peninsula).

"Light Experiments"
Playing around with pinhole photography is lots of fun. The sky is the limit. If you start thinking outside of the box, the possibilies are boundless. For me, pinhole photography is all about "motion" and "atmosphere". New materials and techniques open up new worlds, why use them to mimic?