CPS Selective Enrollment High Schools

When applying to selective enrollment high schools in Chicago, students earn a score out of 900 comprised of three parts:


(Northwest Evaluation AssociationMeasure of Academic Progress)

300 points possible

Includes a reading and a math portion (each worth 150 pts).

Grades in core academic subjects during 7th grade

300 points possible

Math, language arts, science & social studies grades are each worth 75 pts.

Selective Enrollment High School Admissions Exam

300 points possible

The five sections include math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, language (grammar, etc.) and logic.

* The NWEA MAP test is computerized and adaptive, which means it offers easier or harder questions based on how well the student is performing. Thus, students should strive to master the content at their grade level, review content from prior grade levels, and familiarize themselves with content beyond their grade level.

The Tier System

A student's zip code determines his or her tier, and the tier determines how high a score out of 900 is needed for entrance into each of the various schools. Use this app to find out what tier you live in.

Cutoff Scores

The cutoff scores for each school change from year to year. CPS offers this point calculator so you can see how many points out of 900 a student has earned so far and how many still are needed for a given school based on the previous year's cutoffs. For more information about scoring, view the CPS Selective Enrollment rubric.

Schedule for students entering high school fall of 2019:

Students who attend public & charter schools in Chicago:

Students who attend private schools or schools outside Chicago:

When student will take the NWEA MAP test

Spring of 7th grade

(on a school day at their own school)

Fall of 8th grade

(on a weekend at a designated test site)

Test dates in fall of 2018 were September 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 & 30.

Students may take reading and math on the same day or separate days. CPS does not guarantee families will get their first choice date(s).

When student will take the Selective Enrollment exam

Fall or winter of 8th grade

(These dates are the same for both public and private school students.)

For the class of 2023, students may test on one of these dates:

Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 1 & 15 and Jan 19, 26 & 27

Testing takes place at various Selective Enrollment High Schools. Families are not guaranteed their first choice date.

For more information, visit the CPS Office of Access and Enrollment or view this FAQ list from CPS.