Professor Weeks is initiating public outreach to get space studies added to the K-12 and university curriculum, for all students. Why? hypothesis is that it is the eve of outer space development. Once again, most people are likely to be left behind. A multitude of potentially life changing opportunities exist for a broad range of people to contribute. Humankind's assent into spacefaringness will be one of the greatest achievements of our time. Yet, few people know about newly emerging trends already set to take place. Weeks scholarship and teaching hinges upon the belief that everyone has something to contribute to humankind's assent into spacefaringness. Everyone should be made aware that it is time to believe in the necessity of outer space development.


Professor Weeks teaches a wide range of courses including International Law and Politics of Outer Space; The New Space Rush; Outer Space Affairs; Introduction to International Relations; Methods for International Relations; Politics of International Law; International Law; The Internship; Race, Identify and Film; Introduction to African American Studies; African Americans and the Law; Race, Power and Politics; and Diversity, Politics and Law.


Professor Weeks serves as adjunct professor at Washington University, Webster University and Northern Arizona University. Weeks gives talks to K-12 students and the general public on topics related to space law and newly emerging trends related to outer space development. Professor Weeks has a unique perspective regarding outer space development that she graciously shares with people interested in going beyond existing paradigms of thought. Weeks is an advocate of self-propelled learning and believes that everyone has the potential to develop their own marketable knowledge niche, by harvesting information on any topic that they choose. Weeks further believes that everyone is endowed with discoverable gifts, talents and abilities that can be marketed to the global community, as a means of surviving in the new global economy marked by uncertainty. Professor Weeks believes that we must never give up since we have our whole life to squeeze in and figure out how to turn our dreams into reality! Weeks focuses on increasing the level of public awareness regarding space activities and space law. For example, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 states that as space activities progress, they should benefit all people.

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