Professor Weeks studies the seemingly disparate parts of the outer space development phenomenon. Her studies are aimed at creating avenues and channels to broaden the level of societal engagement and interest in space exploration and connected activities. Her dissertation entitled The Politics of Space Law in a Post Cold War Era: Understanding Regime Change (2006), focused on explaining major legal, political and ideological shifts in astronautics and public perceptions. Expert on space law and international relations. Serves as adjunct faculty at Washington University and Webster University, developing and teaching space themed courses to social and behavioral sciences students. Professor Weeks also teaches race and ethnic relations themed courses at Northern Arizona University. 

Author of Outer Space Development, International Relations and Space Law: A Method for Elucidating Seeds and internationally recognized advocate for equality and diversity through outer space development and space law. Thought leader on how to produce peace, equality and diversity as humankind advances into a spacefaring society. Through education, we can produce global equality. Space studies for everyone can level the playing field for future societies, on Earth and in space: See

One of the few elected members of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and has authored numerous articles, papers and academic posters on pivotal issues of space law and how to foster equality and knowledge opportunity for the global community. Published written works and performed oral presentations before the IISL Colloquium and international audiences during the International Astronautical Federation Congresses on several continents - Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. Current work examines methods and techniques for public engagement regarding outer space development and space law for a broader range of people. Shares knowledge on space law and outer space development with a wide range of children, students, scholars and everyday people throughout the world. 

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