Working Papers

"The Spatial Impacts of a Massive Rail Disinvestment Program: The Beeching Axe" (with Stephen Gibbons and Stephan Heblich) -- CEP working paper

"The Price of Indoor Air Pollution: Evidence from Radon Maps and the Housing Market" (with Sefi Roth, Niko Szumilo, and Enrico Vanino)-- IZA Discussion Paper No. 13655

"Scars of War: The Local Legacy of WW1 deaths on British Soldiers" (with Felipe Carozzi and Luca Repetto)

Work in Progress

"Air Pollution and Population Health" (with Gabriella Conti, Elisabetta De Cao, Sefi Roth)

"Public Health Matters: Health Visiting in the United Kingdom" (with Gabriella Conti and Fernanda De Moura)

"Public Housing and Misallocation costs: Evidence from the Right to Buy in England" (with Hans Koster)

"Cylcing Infrastructure" (with Magda Cepeda Zorrilla)