Work in Progress

        "Firm Export Dynamics in Interdependent Markets" 

(with Alonso Alfaro-Ureña, Juanma Castro-Vincenzi, and Sebastián Fanelli)

"Political Preferences and Transport Infrastructure: Evidence from California’s High-Speed Rail"

(with Pablo Fajgelbaum, Cecile Gaubert, Nicole Gorton, and Edouard Schaal)

        "Measuring Information Frictions in Migration Decisions:  A Revealed-Preference Approach" 

(with Charly Porcher and Thomas Fujiwara)

        "Patient Costs and Physicians' Information" 

(with Michael J. Dickstein and Jihye Jeon)



"Venting Out: Exports During a Domestic Slump" [ Online Appendix ] 

(with Miguel Almunia, Pol Antràs, and David Lopez-Rodriguez) American Economic Review, 111(11), 3611-3662, 2021

     "Innovation in the Global Firm" 

(with L. Kamran Bilir) Journal of Political Economy, 128(4), 1566-1625, 2020 

      Extended Gravity [ Online Appendix ] 

(with Gloria Sheu and Andrés Zahler) The Review of Economic Studies, 86(6), 2668-2712, 2019 

     "Shift-Share Designs: Theory and Inference"  [ Stata code | Matlab code | R code | Online Appendix ]

(with Rodrigo Adão and Michal Kolesár) The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(4), 1949-2010, 2019  

"How Segregated is Urban Consumption?" 

(with Donald R. Davis, Jonathan I. Dingel, and Joan Monras) Journal of Political Economy, 127(4), 1684-1738, 2019 

     "Changes in Between-Group Inequality: Computers, Occupations and International Trade"  

(with Ariel Burstein and Jonathan Vogel) American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 11(2), 348-400, 2019 

      "State Taxes and Spatial Misallocation" 

(with Pablo Fajgelbaum, Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, and Owen Zidar) The Review of Economic Studies, 86(1), 333-376, 2019 

     "What do Exporters Know?" 

(with Michael J. Dickstein) The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133(4), 1753-1801, 2018

"Housing Dynamics: An Urban Approach" [ Online Appendix ] 

(with Edward L. Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko, and Charles G. Nathanson) Journal of Urban Economics, 81, 45-56, 2014