7. Collaboratives, Collectives and Clouds

Online learning is disruptive - in the "Clayton Christensen" sense. It changes the field for all, just as the personal computer changed the world of mainframe and mini-computers of the 1970s. University of Illinois Center for Online Research and Service Associate Director Shari Smith has studied, presented and published in the area of online learning for inter-institutional collaborations over the past half dozen years. She will lead our discussion this week.

Live presentation
On Thursday, August 11, at 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm Central, noon Mountain; 11:00 am Pacific time in the U.S. - 7:00 pm London time, we will host a live Web conference on the weekly topic. We plan to provide hundreds of streams of the "live" Thursday sessions in both flash format and non-flash (mobile) format so that participants can view the panels.  A Twitter back channel will also be encouraged for ongoing discussion of the panel.   The hour-long conversation will be recorded and the URL for the recording will be made available the following day, August 12.

Joining us for the live session will be:
Shari McCurdy Smith, Moderator, Associate Director, Center for Online Learning, Research and Service, University of Illinois Springfield

Karen VignareDirector , Project Design and Implementation, Michigan State University

Linda C. Smith, Professor and Associate Dean Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois Urbana / Champaign

Live Sessions

Slides from the Live Session: http://goo.gl/5c70v

Live panel discussion sessions will be held each Thursday at 2:00 pm eastern daylight, 1:00 pm central daylight, noon mountain daylight, 11:00 am pacific daylight and 7:00 pm London time. They may be viewed live online at:

Your screen will look like this:  

The audio of the panel and slides will appear on the left of the screen
For this session, we will be using the Twitter hashtag #edumooc7.  The #edumooc7 twitter back channel feed will appear center screen
A Twitter compose gadget will appear on the right for those with Twitter accounts to upload tweets

The session will be recorded and be made available online for those who wish to view later.
You are encouraged to visit these resources as we examine the topic of the week. Our weekly lists are not comprehensive, but rather they are a sampling of the range of resources available for each weekly topic. All of the sites we list are open; that is, they do not require paid subscriptions. Please take advantage of your eduMOOC Google Group to discuss these sites and recommend additions.

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