Shorts & Music Videos

Cutting this dramatic short film presented another chance to team up with director Josh Caldwell. Part of the "Incubator" series, it allowed influencers to produce and star in narrative shorts with options for full series.

I worked as the loader and assistant editor for Joshua Caldwell's short film Dig, a two-camera 4K RED shoot. From a trailer in the desert just outside of Palmdale, CA, I ran cards and RED drives for the duration of our shoot; and once we wrapped, I took on the task of ingesting, logging, and syncing all of our footage—including behind the scenes material from three other cameras. Afterwards, I authored blu-ray and DVD screeners for its many film festival screenings.

It's not often you get to be on set with a tiger. For this hip hop music video, I worked as both DIT and picture editor, working closely with the video's director as well as the musician, Printz Board—producer and collaborator with the Black Eyed Peas.

Marques Toliver is a New York subway busker turned London rock star. As a friend of The Chapter Media partner David Graver, he was eager to work with us to produce and direct one of his music videos, for which I was proud to serve as both videographer and editor.

For John Brown's Body, about a dozen of my fellow NYU animation students banded together to create individual components for the launch of the band's new album. My small contribution was animated via oil painted on a pane of glass. Though I did not edit the video together, working as a team on such a complex project was an early lesson in large-scale collaboration.

NYU class assignment on 16mm black and white reversal film, cut on Steenbeck, and synced with magnetic tape.