Thierry Pénard
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, University of Rennes 1 
 Contact information 
Faculté de Sciences Économiques,
7 place Hoche, 35 065 Rennes Cedex
thierry.penard at

Short bio

I am currently professor of economics at the University o Rennes 1 (since 2000) and research fellow of CREM (Center of Research in Economics and Management, CNRS - University of Rennes 1).

I am at the head of a research Chair in CSR, digital innovation and transformation (FondationRennes 1) and deputy director of the Interdisciplinary Research Network M@rsouin (Brittany Institute for Innovation and Digital Society)

Fields of research : Network Economics, Internet Economics, Industrial Organisation

Keywords: Internet adoption and use, Electronic commerce, Digital markets and platforms; socio-economic impact of information technology, Regulation, Competition Policy, Strategies, Franchising.

Recent publications

All my publications are listed and downloadable on my REPEC page       
“Digital Piracy Under a Graduated Response Policy”, with M. Arnold, E. Darmon and S. Dejean, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Forthcoming.
“The Impact of Organic Links in Position Auctions with Popular vs.Niche Keywords”,with M. Arnold and E. Darmon, International Journal of Economic Theory, 2018.
"How Increasing Supplier Search Cost Can Increase Welfare,” with M. Arnold and Z. Li, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics,  doi:10.1515/bejte-2016-0048, 2018
“Online search – Online purchase in franchising: An empirical analysis of franchisor website functionality,” with R. Perrigot, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 39, 164-172, 2017.
“Reputation and Social (Dis)Approval in Feedback Mechanisms :An Experimental study”, with M. Lumeau et D. Masclet, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 112, 127-140, 2015.

“Internet adoption and usage patterns in Africa: Evidence from Cameroon”, with N. Poussing, B. Mukoko and G. B. Tamokwe Piaptie, Technology in Society, 42, 71-80, 2015.

“Open source software subsidies and network compatibility in a mixed duopoly”, with M. Zeroukhi, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 34 No. 2, 1174-1184, 2014.

“Does Internet use make people happier?” with N. Poussing et R. Suire, Jounal of Socio-Economics, vol.46, October, 105–116, 2013.

“The Role of Quantitative and Qualitative Network Effects in B2B platforms competition”, with Zhiwen Li, Managerial and Decision Economics., 35(1), 1-19, 2013.

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