Positions and affiliations

Research interests

  • Industrial Organization
  • Applied microeconomics

Contact information

Department of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen, Norway

E-mail: morten.saethre@nhh.no


Working papers

"On the Effect of Parallel Trade on Manufacturers’ and Retailers’ Profits in the Pharmaceutical Sector" (with Pierre Dubois), Revise and resubmit at Econometrica

"Rent Sharing with Footloose Production: Foreign Ownership and Wages Revisited" (with Ragnhild Balsvik), Resubmitted at Journal of International Economics

"Quality regulation and competition: Evidence from a pharmaceutical policy reform" (with Juan Pablo Atal and José Ignacio Cuesta ), Submitted

"A Framework for Unobserved Retailer Effort: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Market"

Work in progress

"The Poking Effect: Price Changes, Information and Inertia in the Market for Mobile Subscriptions" (with Bjørn-Atle Reme and Helene Lie Røhr)

"Local Bank Competition, Loan Rates and Risk"