livelihood opportunities through education outreach


   Delhi             Bihar                  Rajasthan                  West Bengal                 


Ecoles de a terre Welfare Society is an organisation registered under Delhi Society Act 1860

We support  disadvantaged children through 

education and vocational training  

  • information on health sanitation hygiene and supply of medicines 
  • creating income generating opportunities for families
  • developing financial independence and the ability to community initiatives.

An event for celebration

  • Raidighi Office cum training centre being opened by Martial Salamolrd on 14 February 2016 
  • More photos here

A view form distance of water treatment plan installed  at Matijoli School in Bodhgaya 

2020 was a challenging year when EDLTWS was called upon to renew their  inherent principle of providing succor to the suffering humanity which was faced with huge disruption in their usual livelihood.  

succor to the suffering humanity a video 

Prayer session in our school in Bodhgaya

Prayer session in our school in Bodhgaya

                                           Arsenic free water treatment plant in our Sundarban school