Working papers

Layoffs, Recalls and Experience Rating (2017) with Xavier Fairise.

A Tale of Two Countries, A Story of the French and US Polarization (2017) with François Langot, Jean-Olivier Hairault and Theptida Sopraseuth

Informality over the life-cycle” (2018) with Anthony Terriau, Working paper GATE 2018-34, in revision for Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

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Taking off into the Wind: Unemployment Risk, Incomplete Markets and State-Dependent Government Spending Multipliers” (2019), with Stéphane Auray, Hafedh Bouakez and Aurélien Eyquem, working paper

Solving regime-switching DSGE model with projection methods”, (2019) with Stéphane Moyen, working paper.

State-Contingent Forward Guidance”, (2019) avec Stéphane Moyen and Valentin Jouvenceau, working paper.

Informality and health in a developing country : Evidence from South Africa”, (2019) avec Anthony Terriau et Xavier Fairise, working paper.

Vacancies in Argentina”, (2019) avec Arthur Poirier et Danilo R. Trupkin working paper.

Wealth and health in South Africa”, (2019) avec Anthony Terriau, Working paper GATE 2019-11.