The Goals


Summer Youth Green Training Program


The purpose of E-JET and volunteer members are to develop to create opportunities in the field of Green Industry, individuals, internationally for opportunities for employment and collaborations, globally. E-JET works to create job opportunities to enhance the ability to gain healthy lifestyle Skills and become sustainable citizens.



E-JET shares a commitment to values that creates equality, ethics, and community accountability.



The vision of E-JET is to enhance skill sets for employment and opportunities within the field of the Green-Sustainability Industry. In addition to supplying mentoring programs opportunities within the Global Economy.


Sustainable Research & Developmental Goals:

Academic Institutions, and Non-profit Organizations

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Step 1

Eco- Education


Step 2


Step 3


*Certification Upon Completion

*Workshop size is limited to 25 participants, but we will keep a waiting list!

Include Research and Development

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