EBSB Fund Raising

(in aid of the Oxford Diocesan Bell Fund)

Book Stall

The contents of the book stall are listed below. If you are interested in a title, please contact us and we will arrange how you can pay and how we can get the book or pamphlet to you.



Beginners Handbook £1

Belfry Offices £3

Collection of Plain Bob Minor Methods £3

Collection of Principles £4

Minor Methods £2

Conducting Stedman £2

Collection of Doubles £2

Handbook of composition £5.50

Judging Stiking competitions 80p.

Method Construction £4.75

Method splicing £3.50

One Way of Teaching Ringing £2

Organising a Bell Restoration Project £2.50

Ringing Jargon Made Easy 20p.

Simulators and Teaching £2.50

Standard Eight £4.75

Teaching from Rounds to Bob Doubles £1.20

The Bell Adviser £1.20

Treble Dodging Minor Methods £.50

Triples and Major for Beginners £2.

Tutor’s Handbook £3.

Understanding Place Notation £1

Will you call a touch please, Bob £2.

Doubles and Minor for Beginners £1.50


Belfry Care and Maintenance 50p.

Bob Calling for Beginners 50p.

Eight Doubles Methods 50p.

Grandsire Doubles 50p.

How to Run a One Day Course 50p.

Learning Change ringing on handbells 50p.

Plain Bob Minor 50p.

Rope splicing 50p.

Stedman Doubles and Triples 50p.

Surprise Minor Cambridge/London Pt 1 50p.

Pt 2 50p.


Coleman – Bellringers Beside Companion £14.95

Coleman – Bob Callers Companion £14.95

Composition 500 £3.25

Composition 501 £3.50

Composition 502 £3.75

Conducting and Coursing Order £2.50

Go Grandsire £1

Grandsire (Snowdon) £4

Method 500 £3.25

Quarter 500 £2.70

Method 300 £3.50

Standard 70 £3.50

Treble Bob Major Variations £1.50

Follow on Book (Pam Copson) 65p.

Bell Club Starter Pack (Pam Copson) £5

20 Questions and 19 Answers 20p.

Contact us; Tel 01844 352926 or e-mail