I am a math post-doc in UCLA (with some fancy name of E.R. Hedrick Assistant Professor) working with Marek Biskup.

I recently got my Ph.D in mathematics from the Weizmann institute of science.  My advisors were Itai Benjamini and Noam Berger

Research interests: Probability theory. Geometry of random spatial processes, such as percolation, random interlacements and aggregation processes. Random walk on a fixed and random environment. 

Co-authors: Itai Benjamini, Noam Berger, Marek Biskup, Van Cyr, Jacob Kagan, Oren Louidor, Ron RosenthalArtem Sapozhnikov, Eric Shellef, Ran J. Tessler,  Johan Tykesson.

Contact information:
Office:          MS 6148
Phone:         (310) 206-8870
Fax:             (310) 206-6673
University of California Los Angeles
520 Portola Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555
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