ETNA is excited to announce the addition of SHALER THUNDER!

SHALER THUNDER is a travel program that will play in addition to the community programs. These teams, from ages 9 to 15, will be picked on a tryout basis and be made up of 11 to 13 kids per team (coaches decision). Tryouts will be held in August for the 2019 season, multiple tryouts dates will be set and all kids are encouraged to attend all tryouts for there age group (2 or 3 is a must or email the coach).


What is travel?

These teams will play against top teams in Western PA.

We will play in 5 to 8 weekend tournaments, 2 of which could require staying overnight.

Travel is also to be your priority over other teams.

How do I register?

Under the "Team Shaler" tab on the EBAC website (or click here).

You can show up the day of tryouts and will need to provide your information there. It's better if the coaches know the number of kids in advance to provide a better tryout experience.

What team does my kid tryout for?

You tryout for the team that your child's baseball age is for the coming spring.

Whatever age your child will be May 1st is their baseball age and the team they should be trying out for.

What is the tryout process?

Tryouts will be evalutated by the head coach and other coaches in the organization. Kids will be evalutated on speed, hitting, pitching, fielding, and attitude. There is no perfect tryout process, please understand that all coaches involved are volunteers.

Also at tryouts, you will need a $200 commitment check written out to EBAC.

Once you are accepted to a team your check will be cashed.

What if it rains the day of tryouts?

There will be a make-up date. This is also why it is encouraged that you register online for email communication, changes, etc.

Can I apply to coach?


Once teams are picked you can email your coach to be an assistant. Also, many teams will look for team managers to schedule games and communicate with the team.

Can my child tryout for an upper age team?


Typical rule of thumb is that you child should be in the upper percent of the team in order to make it not to take the spot of a child that age. If you intend on trying out for an upper team, you should also plan on attending your age specific team. This will allow both coaches to discuss your decision, but it will always be a coach decision.


Costs will range from $500 to $700 and depend on age and tournaments picked.

ex. 11U uses 1 umpire at $45 per game. 12U and up use 2 umpires at $100 per game.

Local tournaments cost average $450. Ripken and other higher profile tournaments can cost $1500, all team decisions.

What is included?

There is a break down sheet of the costs available here.

Winter workouts?

We will be using a variety of venues such as No-Off-Season in Tarentum, and local gyms.

Coaches understand other sports in the winter are going on but do your best to show.

How many games will we play?

An typical schedule is 50 games from April to the end of July.

Can I still play community baseball?

Yes, especially at the younger ages it is encouraged.

Older teams you may as well, but do not forget the travel team is your priority. Coaches will work with you as long as there is communication.

Do I need to playcommunity for EBAC?

No, the travel program is designed for the best kids in the area to tryout.

Do I need to live in the Shaler School District?

This is a coach-by-coach decision. Some teams will be made strictly of Etna, Shaler, Millvale, and Reserve kids. Other teams may choose to take on kids from outside the area. Some teams may choose an 80% from 20% outside to qualify for certain tournaments.

Will there be an opportunity for 2 teams per age group?

Yes, depending on tryout numbers and coaches willing to take a second team or mixed aged teams.

Is there fundraising?


We do raffles, hoagie sales, events, etc. Companies can sponsor your child with up to 50% going towards your child’ registration.

There will be 1 mandatory raffle.

Any other questions you can email the individual coach. If he cannot answer your question, feel free to copy an EBAC member on the email.