East Richmond Heights

Welcome to the Community of East Richmond Heights

Where neighbors work together for the community

Peruse our site for more information about what's happening in our neighborhood: crime prevention activities and incident reports, emergency preparedness resources and communications, general networking for folks in our community, and more.

History: In 2009, the East Richmond Heights Neighborhood Watch team was formed by Bernhard Avenue neighbors in response to an increase in crime in our area. We became actively involved and successful in the removal of a squatter. Through our organized effort we increased activities: scheduled meetings, beefed up National Night Out, formed committees for Emergency Preparedness, and produced this website.

What we do: East Richmond Heights Neighborhood Watch communicates with regional Neighborhood Watch teams, the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff, the City of Richmond, the El Cerrito Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol through our incident reports. We share information to connect our resources to better serve our area.

Join us: If you live in East Richmond Heights and would like to be a member of Neighborhood Watch, our website staff, or the Emergency Preparedness Committee, please contact us.