Chapter 4 - Flight 401 Passenger List

The following is a list of survivors and victims of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401. Thanks to Jim Kalafus for the corrected names of Flight 401 victims drawn from Dade Country death certificate files and his continued research and participation in this effort.

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Survivors - Crew and Eastern Employees

Angelo Donadeo, Patricia R Georgia, Adrianne Ann Hamilton, Jennifer Larsen, Thomas Mulcahy, Mercedes V Ruiz, Beverly Jean Raposa, Trudy J Smith, Sue F. Tibbs, Sharon R Transue, Dorothy M Warnock.

Top Left: The girls of Flight 401. Back row from the left: Mercy Ruiz, Sue Tebbs, Adrienne Hamilton, Trudy Smith. Front row from the left: Dottie Warnock, Pat Ghyssels, Beverly Raposa, Patty Georgia, Stephanie Stanich. This photo was taken hours before the crash on December 29th while on board Flight 26 in Miami. Right: Beverly celebrates her 26th birthday in Mercy Hospital, January 4th 1973, with fellow surviving flight attendants Trudy Smith and Sharon Transue (Photo: Roy Bartley, Miami Herald).

Survivors - Passengers

May Albury, Verena Bieri, Carl Bolufe, Rigoberto Bolufe, Sandra Burt, Gustavo Cassado, Mrs Xeimara Casado, Miss Christina Casado, Ann Connell, Barry Connell, Mariel Diegeriez, Gerald W Eskow, Sylvia Fisher, Ms. F. Frankin, Herbert Fresko, Molly Fresko, Alicia Garcia, Julia Garcia, Kathryn F.Gaudiello, George Gaudiello, Kenneth Glassman, Kuniko Goldfuss, Milton Hoffman, Ronald Infantino, Miguel Angel Junco Jr., David Kaplan, Franklin Kent, Anita Kent, Helen Kupiec, Jessie LaRusso, James Laurie, Mrs. Leone Levine, Cornelia Leya, Thomas McAvoy, Joseph Mazur, Rose Mazur, Luis Mejia, Richard N. Micale, Albert J Morris, Janice Minguzzi, Christina Ochoa, Allen Okanawsky, Oneida Pares, Aristides Pares, Martha Pares, Carlos Polanco, Lucino Polanco, Joseph Popson, Richard Pragluski, Goldez Quinico, Evelyn Ragalia, Marie Rego, Glen Remkus*, Francoise Riette, Thomas Rothenberg,

Martin Siminerio, 22 years old, of Long Island told the New York Times that there was no word from the pilot, no explosion and almost no warning before the plane hit. “The plane was flying fine,” Mr. Siminerio said. “We just went down slightly and then came back up. I thought no thing of it. The next thing I knew we hit.”

Bonnie Silverman, Donna Smith, Millie Soberon, Jerald Solomon, Larry Sumpkins, Marilyn Taylor, Edward Ulrich, Jesse C. Walker, Allen Weiss, Lorenzo Zetlin.

* Glenn C. Remkus, 47, was still hospitalized in Miami with burns and two broken legs as of February 1973, though a newspaper report on Dec 31st had reported him to be in "satisfactory" condition and in "good spirits." He died in Milford Hospital, Milford CT, in September 1973, though its difficult to know if it was as a result of his crash injuries. I have chosen to list him as a survivor as he was alive at the time of the NTSB hearings.

Above (L to R): Martin Siminerio in hospital, two file photos from the Miami Herald of survivor Xiomara Casada at Palmetto General with her infant, Christina, in a Miami hospital. Miguel Junco, being carried into a hospital by an attendant. Christina was the youngest survivor of the accident. Below: Christina Casada-Acorn, now 35, standing at the crash site in 2007 while holding the dress she was wearing the night of the crash. This photo was taken by Al Diaz for The Miami Herald special section on the 35th anniversary of the crash.

Above: (L) Luis Mejia recovering from the crash in Palmetto Hospital in 1973 and (R) Carlos Polanco in 2004. Below: Franklin and Anita Kent celebrate Franklin's pending release from Palm Springs hospital with some ice cream, on February 17, 1973 (W.O. Minor, Miami Herald) Below, Right, Mrs Leona Levine on March 15, 1973 (Joe Elbert, Miami Herald).

Lost - Flight 401 Passengers (Name and Birthdate)

Elise Grace Agate 9/3/42

Lourdes Albert 2/20/50

Renee Joaquin Albert 8/3/36

Muriel J. Ames 11/30/40

Luis Bancroft 10/10/48

Adelaide Geneve Bearman 9/21/22

Lloyd Irving Bearman 1/16/23

Darrylle Becker 3/16/43

Jerome Becker 6/27/39

Ernest F. Bloodgood 4/1/16

Loretta E. Bloodgood 10/13/15

Mary Carfizzi 11/3/19

Salvatore Carfizzi 7/15/15

Charles Camichel 9/9/1899 (we assume this is the "C. Carmichael" on the passenger manifest)

Jose Carrasquillo 6/28/40 (pictured below)

Paquita Carrasquillo 10/4/40

Donald Stanley Casadona 7/16/38

Maureen I. Chesler 10/12/47

Helen Marie Chestnut 4/17/39

Richard Childs 5/21/52 (photo below)

Dr. Aftabuddin Chowdhury 1/1/43

Lucille Cilles 1/30/24

Yetta Cohn 3/17/16

Braulio Corretjer 1/5/28

Silvia Crespo 11/30/32

Jana Dedek 6/24/53

Isell Delgado 1/23/25

Evelyn De Salazar 11/6/08

Susan Deutsch 10/21/42 (Pictured below)

Judy Ellenberg 2/27/53 (Photo below)

Sara Escobar 8/ 7/31

Varujan Eskihanci 9/7/25

Solomon Fisher 7/18/11

Greta Foye 3/19/45

Jose Garcia 6/4/47

Pedro Garcia 2/10/26

Sharon Norene Gatti 3/2/ 48

Patricia A. Ghyssels 3/31/45

Bernard A. Goldfuss 11/2/22

Jorge Gonzalez 1/16/38

Maria Elena Gonzalez 9/3/51

Dennis Gordon 12/9/32

Diane Carol Greenblatt 5/5/52

Abbey Lynn Greenwald 9/18/52 (photo below)

Caridad Fermina Hernandez 10/11/32

Fara Infantino 12/7/46

Ethel L. Jackson 3/8/08

Carol Susan Jackter 9/26/52

Eduardo Jaramillo 8/2/32

Ronald Jaye March 27, 1940

Carmen Jorge 7/7/46 (Photo of Carmen below, with her daughter, and surviving passenger, Christina Ochoa)

Alina Junco 5/2/44

Miguel Junco 8/28/42

Jonathan Adam Kaminer 8/22/70

Michael Ann Kaminer 12/28/45

Selma Karpen 6/16/21

Silvan Karpen 5/23/28

Rose Kashman 9/22/15

Mildred Katz 1/8/34

Charles Kuchenbrod 7/16/30

Marc Leshay 11/28/51

Robert Albin Loft 3/17/17

Jesus Lorenzo 4/26/37

Rosa Losano 11/1/01

Susana Luna 8/29/29

Julia Lustig 5/30/25

Moe Lustig 7/16/23

Barry L. Mancuso 10/19/44

Rosemary Mancuso 10/31/49 (Photos below)

Dale Ann Mazzone 5/19/51

Kenneth Michael Mazzone 3/27/44

Rosario Messina 2/29/26

Nicholas Minguzzi 8/5/68

AlanNachmias 5/16/50

Henry Nunez 8/18/23

Nery Palma 7/12/34

Roberto Palma 6/10/27

Elizabeth M. Pollack 12/10/17

Anne Ponte 1/7/16

Thomas Ponte 10/24/11

SamuelJ. Prager 12/23/03

Jose Rego 9/5/19

Donald Louis Repo 5/10/21

Ruth Elisa Romero Guerra 5/22/44 (Pictured below)

Rochelle Rubin 1/5/48

Stefan Jay Rubin 3/21/49 (Photo of Stefan and Rochelle in 1972 below. She was the first victim, along with her unborn son, discovered by the search team at 12:30 pm, December 30th)

Barbara Ann Saal

Patricia Renee Shackelford 12/9/52 (Pictured below)

Klaus Schneck 9/5/39

Eugene Schenker 6/24/30

Richard J. Schulleri 1/3/43

Stephanie Rae Stanich 11/10/48

Allen M. Stark 8/11/49

Albert J. Stockstill 6/9/33

Warren Terry 2/16/34

Janice Testa 9/12/52 (Photo below)

James Yandolino 3/7/52 (Photo below)

Murray Yellin 6/9/11

Sadie Yellin 1/9/15

Rose Lina Zollo 7/13/43

NOTE - There is no official death certificates for "Mrs. McAvoy," which appeared in passenger lists released to the press at the time. It is now known that "Mrs. McAvoy" was Donna Smith, Thomas McAvoy's traveling companion.