East Devon Grecians

East Devon Grecians serves the supporters of Exeter City Football Club. We have around 200 members and hold meetings and social events in Sidmouth. We participate in many activities to support Exeter City.

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General enquiries: please email Megan at meganedg23@gmail.com

EDG Meetings

8th November. Another great meeting for the EDGs - a visit from the fantastic Finnish Duo, Viljami Sinisalo and Ilmari Niskanen.  Some photos here.

What a night!

The visit of Gary Caldwell and David Perkins has to be the best EDG meeting in years.  For two hours they responded to all our questions with interesting and thoughtful comments, and a fair number of laughs. 

No-one could dispute their enthusiasm and insight which promises great things for Exeter City.  Most of all, both  of them seemed to be delighted to be with us.  Not many football clubs can match that.  Thanks Gary, thanks Perks!

Lots of photos here.  (You're welcome to download if you wish.)


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