Friday 2nd August 2024  8pm

Mike and Ros

Mike and Ros have been performing as a duo for a number of years and while both have been involved with folk music since the 1970’s their musical taste is wide ranging and includes humorous, sad, jazzy, bluesy and maybe a folk song or two. They will be playing five or six songs in this guest spot and then the evening will continue with songs from -

Chasing Grace

Chasing Grace began as an a cappella group with a strong focus on ‘quartet-style’ gospel music, which is characterised by tight harmonies and strong internal rhythms. As time went on the group decided to branch out, adding other kinds of music--rock, soul, country, folk and blues and, from time to time, the occasional instrument

All the group members also sing with Heaven Bent, a large Auckland gospel choir. The original reason for forming Chasing Grace was to dig deeper into the gospel songs that are more suited to small-group singing. The other main reason was to get together for the pure fun of singing with friends!

The singers are: Priscilla Collins and Sophie Gibbs (soprano), Ros Stephens and Nancy Synnestvedt (alto), John Wishart (tenor) and John Graves (bass.)

Venue:       Torbay Senior Citizens Social Centre (behind main Torbay shops at 37 Watea Rd).

Admission:  $10 general admission

Format:    Casual performers 1st half with featured guest in the 2nd half.

Contact:    Bob Uhe, Tel: 09-4263588, or Email: