Airport Auto Gate Sign Project

These are representative of the signs that the SSAC (Security and Safety Advisory Committee) has helped put together to permanently hang on the Automatic gates where cars pass at the airport.  

The members of the Committee that are also members of the Chapter, believe that our chapter will help out with the cost of the signs.
Total cost would be around $600. 

As you can see, our chapter will be represented be on the sign.

Email the chapter mailbox if you can commit to a donation.

Or if you want to cut out the middle step, just send a check to 
EAA 650 Airport Security Sign Project
c/o Tim Porter
409 s Cory Lane
Bloomington, IN 47403
If we go over the cost on the signs, the funds will be put towards giving a veteran a ride in the B-17, or allowing a child to do a walking tour of the B-17.
I'll work to keep this page updated with total contributions as the funds come in.