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Saturday 19th November 2019 09:30-18:00hrs 
London Gliding Club. Registration is required by email to Chula

RT Licence at LGC

Welcome to this site intended as a resource for London Gliding Club and members of other BGA clubs who are interested in obtaining a RT Licence more formally known as a CAA FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence).  

The training is devoted to helping glider pilots feel more comfortable about the use of radio and talking to airspace agencies. The day is hosted by Chula Rupasinha and Martin Hayden; Chula is a CAA Radio Telephony authorised examiner.

The philosophy underlying the course is that those glider pilots who first learn how to use the radio properly, i.e. in a CAP 413 compliant manner, will find the less onerous requirements that pertain to glider flying, straightforward.

Members are 'walked-through' the entire syllabus and so by the end the training they are armed with the knowledge to sit the CAA written and practical examinations. Although many do take the exams, there is no expectation that people will necessarily do so and all leave the training with much greater knowledge and confidence to use RT.  As RT procedures are designed with the 'power world' in mind, an important collateral benefit is a greatly improved awareness of how other airspace users operate.

The information on the site is organised as below




                    Ready for Departure - Advice for 'tower controllers' at LGC
                    BGA and Airspace
                    Distress calls - YouTube links 

If you have any questions which are not answered here please do contact me through the Club.