Yes, we’re getting together again — THIS September of 2018.

So Save the date and look for your letter to come in the mail.

When you receive the letter, please send back your information (including e-mail address) 

on the tear-off sheet even if you don't come to this reunion

(We want to be able to reach everyone in the future and cut mailing costs.)

Your hard-working committee has decided our 60th reunion–a year ago–was such a grand time we’re going to start meeting EVERY year. Call it annual birthday party! 

These are not full-blown class reunions like those milestone gatherings we’ve had in the past. Like some other classes of a certain vintage, members enjoy more casual annual get-togethers. This will be the first of a hoped-for annual gathering of our ’57 grads, starting out with this buffet dinner, perhaps luncheons sometime in the future. At this year’s event we’ll discuss with attendees if they approve of this idea — to gather each year. We’re hoping everyone will agree, but it’s up to all of us. 

·      SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

·      5 PM SOCIAL/COCKTAIL HOUR (cash bar available)


·       WHEREG. B. SCHNEIDER & CO.A restaurant in West Duluth located at 4602 Grand Avenue, inthe shadow of our high school alma mater.

·       COST: $30 PER PERSON(includes $25 for buffet dinner and $5 to cover expenses such as mailing & other minor event organizational costs. 

 Lots of good eats are planned with ample variety for every taste. 

Look for your letter and be sure to return information on the tear-off sheet (at the bottom of the letter) by September 8  (along with your remittance if attending the dinner) to: Adrienne Thureen, 4406 Tioga St., Duluth MN 55804


Memories of Denfeld Class of '57 55th Reunion
September 28,29,30 2012

Duluth Denfeld Class of '5755th Reunion September 30, 2012  

Denfeld Class of '57 ~ 55th Reunion–2012

Classmates pictured above at Denfeld High School on Sunday, September 30 2012
(More photos may be found on "photo gallery" link above.)