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445 M140 Diodes

2W+ 445nm 5.6mm M140 M-Type Laser Diode 
Pulled from brand new Japan Manufactured M-Projectors

Max suggested current is 1.8A
See the testing at the bottom of the listing for more details or check out these threads. 

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445nm M140 Diode

Back Half and Lens Options
AL:Aluminum CU:Solid Copper Back Half HLCU:Half Lens Solid Copper CUDS:Solid Copper With Driver Shelf
NL: No Lens 2EG: Two Element Glass Lens 3EG:Three Element Glass Lens G2: G-2 Glass Lens
All copper back half options make direct thermal contact with the base of 9mm diodes or the base of the copper diode mount on modules for 3.8mm/5.6mm diodes
Aluminum back halfs have for a free floating compact driver to be installed by connected directly to the pins where no additional driver heasinking is required
The 20mm and 25mm Copper with Driver Shelf options have a pocked machined to thermally bond a compact driver in the back of the module for higher current builds
All the drivers I carry except the Blackbuck 8M will work as a compact driver for the above configurations

M140 445nm Laser Diode 
In 12mm Copper Module W/Leads 
No Laser Driver

M140 445nm Laser Diode 
In 20mm Copper Module W/Leads 
No Laser Driver 

M140 445nm Laser Diode 
In 12mm Copper Module W/Driver
6-9V 2A+ Input 

M140 445nm Laser Diode 
In 20mm Copper Module W/Driver
6-9V 2A+ Input 

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