445 M140 Diodes

2W+ 445nm 5.6mm M140 M-Type Laser Diode

Pulled from brand new Japan Manufactured M-Projectors

Max suggested current is 1.8A

See the testing at the bottom of the listing for more details or check out these threads.

2W M140 445nm Laser Diode

M140 445nm Laser Diode

In 12mm Copper Module W/Leads

No Laser Driver


M140 445nm Laser Diode

In 12mm Copper Module W/Driver

6-9V 2A+ Input


M140 445nm Laser Diode

In 20mm Copper Module W/Leads

No Laser Driver


M140 445nm Laser Diode

In 20mm Copper Module W/Driver

6-9V 2A+ Input


Most of these M140's average about 2W @ 1.8A using a G-1/2 lens. The low is about 1.9W and some coming in as high as 2.3W.

There are a lot of used diodes out there being sold as new. Here is a quick guide to make sure you know what you are getting. First the spacer can tell a lot. There have been three spacers that have been used on the M140. First was the short spacer these were used from 2010-2012 for about a year and a half before being phased out. If you receive a short orange spacer there is near zero chance the diode is not pulled from a used high mileage projector. Second is the long orange spacer. These were in blocks from 2012 to the beginning of 2015 when production in China was ceased and moved to Japan. It is possible that you could see a diode pulled from a new projector with this spacer but it is getting very rare to find new stock projectors someone has been sitting on for over a year now. The current projector is manufactured in Japan and has a red spacer that is plastic very hard compared to the soft orange rubber spacers from the ones assembled in China. Your diode if purchased as new it really should have this spacer. The picture does not show it as well as I would like but in person you can pretty easily pick them out by eye.

There is a way to tell if you a A-Type diode or the higher power 2W+ M-Type diode. If your diode does not have the dot shown in the pictures below above the barcode you have a A-Type.

Here is the original thread over on LPF

A-140 vs. M-140 vs. H1600

I suggest a max of 1.8A on the M-Type with appropriate heatsinking.

Here are some pictures of the guts of A vs M.

The M on the right has a larger die and the base is larger than the A on the left.

The A has only three wires to carry the current.

The M has four wires.

The M has a circle above the bar code the A does not. This is on the back of the diode right next to the pins.

This diode is a never used diode that is extracted from a brand new out of the box Japan Manufactured M140 projector. Only running time would be whatever quality control testing was done @ the manufacturer and myself running them briefly to make sure they all are in good working order before being sold. On these diodes the case pin is cut short when it was installed in the DLP projector but is still more than long enough to still use and I do quite regularly, there is a pink spacer on the back that you will remove to reveal the case pin, there may be some thermal grease still on the underside of the diode and there will be some solder residue left on the pins..:(

2W M140 445nm Laser Diode

Here is a quick power test on the M140 using a G-2 glass lens.