Laser Diodes

Offered as bare diodes or mounted in a high quality copper module with silicon leads added and lens options. I use high quality super flexible and burn resistant silicone wire. Diodes with powers below 3W use a 26 gauge wire that has 64 strands tested to handle 5A. Diodes with powers over 3W use a 24 gauge tested to handle up to 8A.

A laser diode is a current-driven device which is should not to be driven by a voltage source. Otherwise electrical overstress may occur to the laser diodes as the operation voltage varies from device to device and additionally depends on the case temperature. Special care has to be taken, when switching the electrical power on and off, as transient currents beyond the maximum ratings can occur damaging the laser diode. To operate laser diodes correctly , a proper electrical driving mechanism has to be employed. A proper laser diode driver must act as an accurate constant current source with good transient protection and very low noise. Furthermore, please note that at different temperatures the output power of the laser diode will change. Thus, for applications that require a constant output power over a broad range of temperatures active temperature control is necessary.