DSSAT Development Sprint

Hosted by

Oklahoma State University (OK State)

374 Agricultural Hall

North Monroe Street, Stillwater, OK

(Breakout rooms 268 & 274)

January 9-13, 2017

Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA


1. Prioritize improvement of DSSAT with currently available resources

2. Implement priorities for improvement of DSSAT, the Cropping System Model and associated tools, application programs, and data bases

3. Entrain new developers in DSSAT protocols and methods

4. Improve communications and information exchange among developers, users and others interested in modeling and decision support systems

5. Develop a strategy for advancement of DSSAT over the next decade


Phil Alderman and Gopal Kakani, Oklahoma State University

• Gerrit Hoogenboom, Ken Boote, Cheryl Porter, Vakhtang Shelia, Diego Pequeno, Belay Kassie, University of Florida

• Jeff White, Bruce Kimball, Kelly Thorp, USDA-ARS, Maricopa, AZ

• Kwang soo Kim, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea/University of Florida

• Jon Lizaso, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

• Bill Batchelor, Auburn University

• Richard Ogoshi, University of Hawaii

• Daniel Amariles, CIAT

• Isaya Kisekka, Kansas State University

Via Skype:

• Jawoo Koo, IFPRI, Washington, DC

• Jim Jones, NSF, Washington, DC

• Willingthon Pavan & Marcio Nicolau