DrumMaps Creator solves following problem in Cubase:
"Can Cubase show only the notes which fit to the chord/scale?" The answer is: "No, by default". But "Yes with a workaround."

Since Cubase 8.5, you can show the MIDI Note Length even in the Drum Editor. That means, you can use the Drum Editor the similar way, as a Key Editor. The advantage of the Drum Editor is, you can name any single MIDI note freely, and you can also change the order of the MIDI notes shown in the Drum Editor.

If you know all of these information (and now, you know), you can go ahead and start to create your own Drum Maps for every single scale, or chord, you are interested in. All irrelevant notes which don't fit to the scale/chord, you will move up (or down). At the end, you will get on bottom (or on top) only the relevant notes of the wanted scale/chord. The rest you can easily ignore while writing a music. Yay!

But very soon you will find this is very time-consuming and boring job. DrumMaps Creator will help you here and saves significant amount of time. And it can offer even much more!

200 Naming Schemes

  • English
  • German
  • Neo-Latin
  • Japanese
  • Solfège
  • Scale Degree
  • Intervals
  • Grapheme-color synthesia
  • ...

6 Octaves Marking

  • MIDI Numbers
  • Musical Helmoltz
  • Musical Numbers
  • ...

50 Scale Types

  • Chromatic
  • Acoustic
  • Half dimished
  • Flamenco
  • Hirajoshi
  • ...
  • * Custom
  • * Random

150 Chord Types

  • major
  • 7-#9-#11-13
  • maj7-#9-13
  • augj7-#5-9-#11
  • ...
  • * Custom
  • * Random

150 Instrument Ranges

  • Whole
  • Brass: Trumpet Eb Bass
  • Lutes & Guitars: Mandolin
  • Percussion: Vibraphone
  • Zithers & Dulcimers: Pedal Steel Guitar
  • ...
  • * Custom
  • * Random

You can even create your custom chord/scale or range, or generate a random notes or range.

At the end, you will setup the order of notes, you will decide if you want to show event the note names out of your wanted filter, if you want to Mute unwanted notes, and much more.

Click to Create Map, and the map is ready to use. But there is even more! By one click, you can generate 12 maps at once – for every single root note. So you don't have to generate a map for C-major, C#-major, D-major... chords manually. Do it all at once! And of course, you can save your settings for the next usage.

DrumMaps Creator saves lots of your time and it allows you to show only the notes of wanted scale/chord in Cubase.

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