I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Dr. Johan Paulsson at Harvard Medical School. My current research involves an interdisciplinary approach to analyze and improve control in bacterial cells. More specifically, I develop methods for high-throughput time-lapse imaging and single-molecule counting and use them to study how bacteria deals with external and internal fluctuations. These studies are also helping us to design, characterize, and improve synthetic control circuits.

I did my graduate research in Prof. James C. Weisshaar's lab in the Department of Chemistry in University of Wisconsin Madison. In graduate school, I have used Superresolution imaging and single-molecule tracking to study how genetic information is transferred from chromosomal DNA to proteins in E. coli cells. For more details on this topic please check our recent review and my conversation with science reporter Ashley Yeager from Biotechniques in this interview.

Here is a link to my Google scholar page that keeps track of the citations to my papers: GoogleScholar/Citations/SomenathBakshi

Email: Somenath_bakshi[at]hms.harvard.edu