Dr Richard DLC Gonzales is presently serving as International Educational Development Consulting for Asia and the Pacific. He is the founding President and Chairman of the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association. He is a Professorial Lecturer of Psychology, Educational Measurement and Statistics at University of Santo Tomas Graduate School.

Dr Gonzales is a Certified Assessment Psychologist and Certified Educational Psychologist by the Psychological Association of the Philippines.
Presently, he is the Chairman and President as well as Principal Consultant for Education of the Inno-Change International Consultants, Inc. (IIC), a research and consulting firm based in the Philippines.

Additionally, he is the Director of Research and Development Unit of the Global Resources for Assessment, Curriculum and Evaluation, Inc. (GRACE), a testing and evaluation firm based in the Philippines.

Previously, he was the President & CEO of the Development Strategists International Consulting, Inc, (DSIC). 

His areas of specialisations/expertise are: Assessment of Learning, Curriculum Delivery, Education Systems, Teacher Professional Development, Human Resources Development and Capacity Building, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management/Leadership and Research Management.

His research interests are: teachers' assessment beliefs and practices, motivation and strategies in language learning, development of cognitive and non-cognitive measures, psychometrics and scaling techniques and program evaluation.

He holds a PhD  major in Research and Evaluation, with cognates in Psychology and Industrial Relations from the University of the Philippines. He completed MSc in Educational Measurement and Evaluation fro De La Salle University and Diploma in Cognitive Psychology and School Education from Shizuoka University, Japan.

Dr. Gonzales is a Registered Psychometrician by the Professional Regulations Commission of the Philippines.