When did you start?

Dropping Acid Pedal Etching was formed in the beginning of 2015.

I owe many thanks to:

Joel @ Chase Bliss Audio

Adam @ Acid Splash

All of my friends and family.

What are my color options?

I can use any color that I can find in the spray paint aisle at my local hardware store. I cannot color match or make a custom color.

Are the multiple colored boxes etched?

Yes, I use a few different techniques to make the multi colored etchings. It’s hard to get an accurate representation of how they actually look in real life, but they definitely look etched and not silk screened.

What is your lead time?

Email me for current lead times. A week or two is average, but things come up from time to time.

How much does it cost?

$99 and up shipped CONUS (stock box etched)

$150 and up shipped CONUS (rehoused in new box)

Why is it cool to etch a pedal?

There are many reasons to etch your pedals:

If you have a pedal that looks boring but just love the sound.

You made a pedal yourself and want a professional finish.

An existing finish or silkscreen is wearing off.

Because it looks insanely awesome.

Do you mod pedals?

Yes. Email me me with what you have and what you want done. I'll be completely honest if what you want is impossible or beyond my skill set.