Music has and always will be a great passion of mine. However, it is time to take a pause. It has been years since I have done anything and the websites have become ghosts. If you are here for my collaboration with Merzbow then please visit Artificial Music Machine.

For my other music, please see the following:

Musical projects (that I performed in):

Tamarin (and my other mad monkey musical projects):

The Missing Ensemble (a collaborative project that is currently on hold):

Houston Drone Concern:


Tamarin Sound Cloud Page:


Mad Monkey Records:

Circumvent Recordings:

Plan DX17:

De Los Siete:

Potentially Free Music related to the above (pay what you want -- even $0.00):

The first "The Missing Ensemble" CD, Hidden Doors

The second "The Missing Ensemble" CD, Zeropolis

Absolutely Free Music related to the above:

So that is it for now. I might be back and might not --- who knows. For now listening to music and occasionally doing reviews for Foxy Digitalis is enough.

I can be contacted at:

d r o n e w o r k s

a t

g m a i l . c o m

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