Music has and always will be a great passion of mine.    However, it is time to take a pause.     It has been years since I have done anything and the websites have become ghosts.    If you are still curious about what was then please look at the following:

Musical projects (that I performed in):

Tamarin (and my other mad monkey musical projects):

The Missing Ensemble (a collaborative project that is currently on hold):

Houston Drone Concern:


Mad Monkey Records:

Circumvent Recordings:

Plan DX17:

De Los Siete:

Potentially Free Music related to the above (pay what you want -- even $0.00):

The first "The Missing Ensemble" CD, Hidden Doors

The second "The Missing Ensemble" CD, Zeropolis

Absolutely Free Music related to the above:

So that is it for now.    I might be back and might not --- who knows.  For now listening to music and occasionally doing reviews for Foxy Digitalis is enough.

I can be contacted at:

d r o n e w o r k s

a t

g m a i l . c o m

(remove spacing etc in the  above)