Welcome! This is my personal site that highlights my scholarly work and provides links to useful chemistry resources.  

-If you are a DePaul University undergraduate or Masters student interested in research relating to the transformations of strong bonds (alkane dehydrogenation, carbon dioxide reduction to fuels, etc.) or bioinorganic chemistry, please contact me! If I have room in my lab and you are interested in my research, I would be happy to discuss the possibility of accepting you as a research student. Space is limited, but there is always turnover as students graduate or move on to other opportunities. 

***Interested in getting a Masters degree in chemistry? Check out the DePaul MS Chem Program!***

My work address:
Dr. Kyle A. Grice
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60614

The Department of Chemistry at DePaul University is within the College of Health and Sciences (CSH), which is located in McGowan South at the Lincoln Park Campus (LPC).

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News and Announcements for 2017:

-Dr. Grice ran a study abroad this summer with Dr. Bystriansky from the BIO dept. Contact Dr. Grice if you are curious about it!

-Several students from the Grice group graduated. Good luck on your future endeavors John, Jay, and Phoebus! 

-Hurray, our latest collaborative paper was published in Inorganic Chemistry! See the paper here. 

-Dr. Grice published info about twitter for academics on www.ionicviper.org. Here's the link.

-Dr. Grice published an in-class exercise on www.ionicviper.org on a recent paper on six-coordinate carbon. Here's the link

-Great News! Dr. Grice has been working in collaboration with RFUMS on a medicinal chemistry project and our first paper was published! You can find it online here.

-Dr. Grice published a review on CO2 reduction. Here's the link. 

For past news and announcements, go here

-If you are not a DePaul student and would like to talk about research, I would love to hear from you as well! I generally do not take researchers who are not DePaul students, but I am always happy to discuss chemistry, and I am always happy to meet new people or form collaborations. I am a strong supporter of collaborations, including ones with researchers from other countries. 

Social media and other online profiles:

Check out the Chemistry Department's blog The Catalyst

Follow me on twitter!  @GriceChemistry

The department of Chemistry also has a twitter account: @DePaulChemistry

As does the College of Science and Health: @DePaulCSH

Here is my researchgate site

Here is my linkedin site (If you are a DePaul Chem student, alumni, or friend of the Dept, you should join the departmental linkedin group!) 

Here is my academia.edu site


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