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Art by Dr. Jana S. Eaton: Samples of Watercolor Paintings


Samples of Watercolor Paintings 

Contact: janaseaton at yahoo.com (for email, use symbol @ for "at." I'm not including @ here to guard against spam.) Location: Green Valley, AZ
Email for more samples, an appointment, or more information
 Specializing in Arizona desert landscapes and plants
 Member, Tubac Center for the Arts & Painting Society of Southern Arizona
 Exhibitor in Juried Shows

Prices do not include shipping. All shipped pieces will be sent without frames and glass but will be sent with mats, backing, and in an acrylic envelope.
Paintings shown here will fit standard-size ready-made frames. Deduct $30 from framed works that need to be shipped without frames and glass. Artist can provide frames for all matted watercolors for an additional $30. All paintings below are examples only and may not all be available for sale.

Eastern Shoshone Moccasins, 12" X 16" watercolor in 16 X 20" mat, $325 unframed


















Claret Cup Hedgehog, 12” X 16” painting in 16 X 20” matted, framed--$300


Lonely Yucca, 12” X 16” painting in 16” X 20” mat, $300, framed

 Quail Guarding Ocotillo, 12" X 16", matted--16" X20", $300 framed

Bloomin' Prickly Pear Duo, 12” X 16” painting in 16” X 20” mat, $270

Bloomin' Prickly Pear Trio, 12" X 16", matted--16" X20", framed--$300  SOLD

 Yucca in Lightening Storm, 12" X 16" matted, 16" X 20" framed--$300 framed


Desert Gems, 12" X 16"--$250 matted 


 Prickly Pear Pad in Bloom, 9" X 12", matted $75  


Arizona Sunset, 12" X 16", $200 matted. 

Post-Bloom Prickly Pear Pad, 12" X 16", $300 framed

Stormy Symphony in Arizona, 12" X 16", matted--16" X 20", $270 unframed

 Yucca in Lightening Show and Sunset, 12" X 16", matted--16" x 20", $270

Gambel's Quail in Sycamore, 12" X 16", 16" X 20" matted, $270

Quail Creek Gambel's Quail Family, 5' X 2', commissioned piece 


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