I am a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria. My research focuses on documentation and analysis of the Blackfoot language. I am currently working with Siksiká community members to develop an online digital archive of Blackfoot contemporary stories.

As the former Research Coordinator of the eNunciate Project in the Department of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia, I am also involved in a number of projects related to developing and testing multimodal tools using ultrasound technology for pronunciation learning.


In just over two weeks, my Banting Fellowship wraps up and I will be starting  my new position as Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at Simon Fraser University

Just published! Bliss, Abel, & Gick. Computer-Assisted Visual Articulation Feedback in L2 Pronunciation Instruction: A Review. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation 4(1): 129-153.  

Hot off the press! Bliss, Bird, Cooper, Burton, & Gick. Seeing Speech: Ultrasound-based Multimedia Resources for Pronunciation Learning in Indigenous Languages. Language Documentation & Conservation 12: 315-338.

I recently presented joint work (with Martina Wiltschko) on Blackfoot's demonstratives at the Workshop on the Discourse Functions of Demonstratives at the University of Oslo in June. [Abstract] [Handout]

Noreen Breaker and I prepared a report on language revitalization in Treaty 7 territory for the University of Calgary. You can read the report here, or a news piece about our work here

Just published! Bliss, Johnson, Burton, Yamane, & Gick. "Using Multimedia Resources to Integrate Ultrasound Visualization for Pronunciation Instruction into PostsecondaryLanguage Classes." Journal of Linguistics & Language Teaching 8(2). This paper gives a good overview of the eNunciate team's work with ultrasound overlay videos.

2nd edition of the Wiley Blackwell Companion to Syntax was recently published, including my chapter on "Radical Configurationality."

The Blackfoot Stories Archive continues to grow. Check back often for new stories and media.


Siksiká reserve (September 2014)

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