This is the website of Kanya Godde, PhD.  I am a biomedical demographer, bioarchaeologist, paleoepidemiologist, and forensic anthropologist.  My research specializes in the application of biostatistics on Nilotic populations and modern Americans.  My primary interest is in establishing and applying methodology to interpretations of health from the skeleton to facilitate a greater understanding of societal, evolutionary, and biological influences.

As a graduate student, I worked for the Forensic Anthropology Center at University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I was responsible for supervising and organizing volunteers for the center.  I further conducted case work as a graduate student and participated as a lab and field leader in their world-renowned summer courses.  I was employed as an autopsy technician at a medical examiner's office and have also conducted case work in Texas.  

Until starting a tenure-track position at University of La Verne, I taught in a health sciences department, physician assistant program, biology program, math program, as well as anthropology departments/programs. 

I am an Associate Professor and former Director/Chair of the IRB at University of La Verne.  ULV Faculty Profile and Amazon Author Page.  I can be contacted at kgodde@laverne.edu.