Dragiša Žunić

I am currently working on abstract modelling of automated trading systems, in a way that later admits the use of methods and tools to reason about that system (ideally) in an automated way.


But the main challenge, aside from formalizing financial exchanges and automated trading systems (ATS) in a concurrent logical framework (CLF), is to understand meta theory behind CLF, and the way to automate reasoning in its implementation Celf.  So we study CLF/Celf - a linear logical framework for reasoning about concurrent systems, and use Twelf - a meta logical framework for deductive systems. 

I am also interested in decentralized exchange concepts, where it amounts to (1) adequacy - making real life decentralized exchanges certified by design, for their declared operational properties; and (2) compliance - assuring the compliance to regulatory requirements (in the sense of fair trade), often violated in practice. This would be a real challenge to do in an automated way. Besides i have been working on parallel order matching system, where independent orders are matched and executed in parallel. 

R e c e n t >>>
  • Formalization of automated trading systems in a concurrent linear framework - accepted @ Linearity & TLLA (affiliated with FCSD at FLOC 2018) - Oxford UK, July 2018.
  • A congruence relation for restructuring classical terms (conf. article) - ICTCS'17, Naples, Italy - proceedings, article
  • Standard classical logic as protocol for process communication (conf. abstract) - LAP'17, Dubrovnik, Croatia - book of abstracts
  • In 2016 I joined CMU-QCarnegie Mellon University in Qatar - city of Doha
  • FINTEGRATIO - a page exploring the strong link between finance and automated reasoning
  • Shape interpretation of second-order moment invariants, journal, september 2016 - here
  • Logic and Applications conference, LAP 2016, Dubrovnik [search here for presentation]
  • Computational interpretation of classical logic with explicit structural rules (with P. Lescanne and S. Ghilezan) -- [search here]
  • 2 journal articles: [1] in Information Processing Letters,  december 2013 [more info here], and [2] in Applied Mathematics and Computation [here
  • Logic and Applications, Dubrovnik, sept. 2013 [pdf]
    • A talk at the Institute of Mathematics SANU, Belgrade - Seminar for general proof theory - November 2012.  [slides here]
    • An article, in International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artifical Intelligence, published, December 2012. [more info here]
    • An article @ International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, Greece, September 2012[more info here]
    • ISMANAM 2012 Moscow, June 2012 [here]
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    C U R R E N T L Y:

    Research associate, postdoctoral
    Carnegie Mellon University Qatar (here)

    PhD from Ecole Normale Supérieure, ENS Lyon, France >> here

    F O R M E R L Y:

    Associate Professor (2014-16)
    Faculty of Computer Science, Belgrade

    Research fellow (2010-11)
    Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL/Lara

    Assistant Professor (2008-12)
    Faculty of Economics and Management, Novi Sad FIMEK

    PhD student (2004-08)
    Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon/PLUME)

    Master in Quantitative Finance (2014-15) - no degree.
    Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (IMQF)

    Research associate
    Faculty of Technical Sciences, FTN Novi Sad (FTN/CMS)

      Драгиша Жунић
      Департман за компјутерске науке
      Универзитет Карнеги Мелон у Катару
      Доха, Катар

    Also interested in
    - Digital entrepreneurship, global markets 
    - Finance in practice and in theory