the General idea...

The general idea hasn't changed since 2012... we formed a club of ‘like minded’ folk with a common interest, enthusiasm and passion for VDubs.

A group that enjoys monthly meetings, BBQ’s, Treasure Hunts, Picnics, Camping, Cruises, VW Shows & festivals etc.

Due to the type of events we attend, (camping etc...) the 'essence' of the club is formed of VW Transporter fans; everything from 'splittys' to T6's and everything in between. The club is currently formed of about 40% air-cooled and 60% water-cooled vehicles.

The first step in establishing DDC back in January 2012 was the formation of a website, and despite our increased "online presence" over subsequent years it was our strong intention that DDC ‘keeps it real’ and didn't become a ‘web based’ club .... Sure, Dubs are the common link, the reason we are all here (yes, literally in some cases!!) but the essence of this club, what makes it such a success and so much fun to be a part of, even years later, is actually not the vehicles... but the PEOPLE.

For that reason, the ‘forum’ will be the monthly meeting, the ‘chatroom’ will be the pub, the campsite or festival ground (wherever we happen to be). We see no point in folks turning up to a monthly meeting when they know exactly what everyone’s been up to from staring night after night at a string of posts!

We hope that our philosophy appeals to you and that you will come and join us. Please either drop us an email, PM via the Facebook page or just turn up at the monthly 2nd Tuesday meeting. (Please see agenda for full details). Whichever way, we look forward to you joining us very soon - you can be assured a friendly welcome.