Meet 'The DUBS'...(in order of 'birth') ... AIR COOLED...

"Lotsa" Owned by Paul. She is a 1962 splitty pulled out of a garden where she had sat for 27 years. Paul has done most of the work himself with the paintwork by Forest Corner Bodyshop.

"Jack"  Owned by Steve and Jo. He is a 1963 splitty from New Orleans. He was named after a famous jazz musician who won an award the year Jack was born and has always had that name for 53 years. 

'Nellie' a 1964 Californian import, split screen camper

A 1969 bay window, owned by John & Mary ... since brand new!!

'Abigail, Lady Grey' a 1969 Dormabile

'Macey' a 1970 Westfalia conversion 'tin top' imported from California in 2005

'Betty' a 1971 early bay imported from South Africa in 2008

'Daisy' ... a '72 bay

'Lily' a 1972 Westfalia Continental conversion owned by Laura and Nathan

'Molly' & 'Monty' a '72 bay with a classic tear-drop caravan to match!!

'Iris' a '72 bay window camper 

Kevin's Classic '73 Beetle 

'Percy' a 1973 Type 
2 Westfalia Bay, RHD, with a 2.0l auto engine. All original interior and front-hinged pop-
top. Sleeps 4-5 at a squeeze. 

'Brian' a 1979 T2 Jurgens Autovilla - original coach-built camper, one of only 1'000 manufactured over a 10 year period, this late model has a 2L aircooled engine, 2 double beds, a kitchenette and separate washroom with shower and wc.  Imported by 'occupiers' (rather than owners) Jeni & Marc in 2016 Brian is currently enjoying a full refurb ready for the 2018 season. Follow Brians' story here: 

'Betty' a 1979 T2

'Mouse' an 1980 air cooled Type 25





Meet 'The DUBS'...(in order of 'birth') ... WATER COOLED...

'Helga' a 1984 T25 Hi-Top now owned by Rob and Sarah. Restored and fully kitted by previous owners, DDC club members Scott and Kerry. Rob previously had a T5 and decided it was time to go retro with a T25.

A 1987 Type 25 / T3 Synchro camper

A 1988 Type 25 / T3 

'Mr. Toad' a 1990 Type 25 / T3

'The Yeti'  a 1991 LT31 Camper owned by Shaun (AKA 'Burt')... New to the fleet it is quickly becoming DDC Camping HQ!!

Dave and Irene with their 2001 T4 and Puck

'OB' ... a 2002 T4 888

'Old Rosie'  T4 Camper owned by Barry

'EGO' fully fitted 2004 T5 camper owned by Mark and Sarah along with their daughter Charli

 'Bob'  Ben and Nats 2005 T5

Kevin & Beata's 2007 T5 Transporter 'awaiting a name'

'Joannie'  2009 T5 owned by the legend who is John


'Zack' a 2011 Caddy Maxi Life... a most versatile 7 seater with a double bed and even built in kitchen!... owned by Jeni & Marc

'Mike'  2016 My VW Transporter GP Sportline 60 named after owner Tristans' late father-in-law.

'Ford-in-sporter'  Not quite a VW Transporter but we don't mind... as owners (Andy and Sandy) also own a T2 and are looking at T4 too